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Generate traffic and convert it into money with OnlineDivorcer affiliate program. The highest commission rates in online divorce niche. Earn $80 for every sale!

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Why Choose Us?

We understand your business needs and do what it takes to ensure our partnership stays on course.

Stable payments

No minimum balance is required for payouts that are made once a month. Bank-to-bank payments (other methods will be added later).

Effective workflow

Tuned sales funnels and 24/7 client support via calls, emails, and live chat. Constant A/B testing for best conversion rates in the niche.

Personal manager

An individual approach to every affiliate partner. Personal white label websites are offered to the best lead generators.

How It Works – 3 Easy Steps


Lead’s contact information is gathered through Eligibility Check or Case Details forms


If phone number was indicated – we call within 10-15 minutes


If there is no phone number – we start sending automated emails with discounts


After the lead pays, the sum of $80 is added to your balance.


Customers receive their divorce documents

Sample Petition for Simplified Divorce


Benefits and Guarantees

We strive to make cooperation beneficial for both us and you. Therefore, we offer the best conditions among our competitors:

  • $80 commission

  • Cookies last for 100 days

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Creative promo materials

  • Truthful reporting and analytics

  • Individual approach to every partner

  • Variety of payment methods

What services are offered to the customers?

We provide a full package of divorce documents filled out individually for every customer. Clients can use these documents to file for divorce pro se without hiring a divorce attorney.

Which traffic sources are accepted?

We accept all possible traffic sources. However, we do not tolerate spam.

What is the audience?

Currently, we serve customers filing for divorce in the United States only. However, we’re planning to prepare forms for Canada residents as well.

How do I check my earnings?

Sign in to your account to check how much you have earned. If you have any questions regarding your account, a personal manager will be there for you.

What is the market potential?

There is one divorce in America every 13 seconds, which equates to about 2.45 million divorces per year. About 90% of all divorces are uncontested – potentially, there are 2.2 million people looking for our services!

When do I receive my earnings?

Payment days are between 1st and 3rd day of every month. Your balance is written off automatically and sent to you via the preferred payment method.

How do I receive White Label?

As mentioned above, we believe in personal approach to every affiliate. Thus, we will discuss it once we establish a mutually beneficial partnership.

What promo materials are available?

We provide basic materials, such as banners and Eligibility Check widgets. Let us know if there is a need to develop something specifically for your needs.

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